Cattle Feed Plant

Cattle Feed Plant

Cattle Feed Plant

Approx. Rs 300 Lakh / Unit

We are the leading manufacturers and exporter of Cattle Feed Plant and our product is made of good quality.

We manufacture and develop advanced cattle feed plants, in all standard capacities with robust construction.

The plant is fully automatic in its operation, ensuring uniform and the same proportion of the ingredients in the final mixture.

In the plant, there is a grinder, elevator, mixer, hopper, palletizer, winch and a screw conveyor for efficient functioning.

The elevator is used for automatically feeding the cattle feed into the grinder.

We also hold expertise for customizing the cattle feed plant as to meet the specific production targets of the clients.

Process Description for Fully / Semi Automatic Cattle / Poultry Feed Plant

“Servotech” Fully and Semi Automatic Cattle & Poultry Feed Plant is specially engineered to batch, weigh and grind different types of ingredients, mixing them uniformly and then pelletize them, if required.

Some of the important machines assembled in the plant are described below:-

Weighing and Batching

There is a sufficient number of storage bins attached according to the capacity of the plant.

The bins are suitable for storing different varieties of ingredients.

After the bins, there is a weighing system that is PLC controlled for ensuring accurate and continuous preparation of each batch, eliminating any kind of manual interference.

Hammer Mill

The hammer mill in the plant is used for reducing grains, hulls and oil cakes into powder form as to facilitate admixture into the feed.

Hammering is done in a confined space that reduces the material into fine particle sizes for an easy passage through the interchangeable sieve that can be changed easily and quickly.

The mills are welded structures constructed out of high-grade steel.

The upper part of the mill and a dynamically balanced rotor attached with it is properly lined with grooved wearing plates.

All the components and parts used in the mill are of made from special grade steels that ensure the long life of the parts.


In feed formulation, a wide range of ingredients are used and thus, proper mixing and homogenization are of great importance for the quality end product.

In the plant, there is an attached horizontal mixer, designed with multiple spiral elements for uniform mixing of the ingredients.

The mixer is simple in construction and reliable in operation.


Molassifer is an indispensable compound fed into modern feed mills.

The compound helps in enriching the mealy products with liquid components such as fat, molasses, emulsions, etc without any kind of lumps formation.

In the molassifier, swirling, intense beating and pushing action, homogeneously disperse the molasses and other liquids throughout the feed with the passage from the inlet to the outlet.

There is no grinding action during the process due to the special design of the rotator.

Pelletier and Cooler

Agglomeration of the floury materials into firm pieces is generally known as pelletization.

Before feeding into the pelleting machine, the feed stock is properly conditioned in the feeder conditioner, provided with the machine.

The pellets emerging out of the pelleting machine is quite brittle while hot.

On cooling, the pellets become firm and resist breakage, and thus cooling is a must after pelletization.

provided a cooler with the machine.

Minimum capacity:
50-400 TPD

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