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Vanaspati / Hydrogenation Plant

Vanaspati Hydrogenation Plant

Vanaspati Hydrogenation Plant
  • Vanaspati Hydrogenation Plant
  • Vanaspati Hydrogenation Plant
  • Vanaspati Hydrogenation Plant
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit
  • Power Consumption: Varies with capacity of plant
  • Production Capacity: 5 Tons per day to 500 tons per day
  • Material: SS
  • Temprature: 36 degree celsius
  • Surface: Galvanized

We are the leading manufacturers and exporter of Vanaspati Hydrogenation Plant and our product is made of good quality.

Generally used as the alternative to ghee due to its cheap price, Vanaspati is vegetable cooking oil, fully or partially hydrogenated. 

Our expertise lies in manufacturing and developing hi- tech vanaspati plants for complete processing and production of oil. 

The vanaspati is either used for cooking food or as the raw compound in soap making. 

We are equipped with advanced technology that facilitates us to develop special types of industrial hard oil plants, attached with hydrogenation gas generation system. 

This system produces hydrogen gas by the electrolysis of water.

Required for the hydrogenation reaction the gas is compressed in storage cylinders in which high pressure is maintained, from where it is drawn for use in the processing plant.

  • Zero wastage of hydrogen gas and nickel catalyst
  • Low consumption of energy
  • Continuous bleaching, neutralization, deodorization along with post bleaching and post neutralization sections
  • Optimized process condition for proper selectivity and product consistency
Process Description of Hydrogenation / Vanaspati:-

Hydrogenation tends to increase the melting point of the vegetable oils (that have very low melting points) to about 36oC that is near about human body temperature.
Hence, the hydrogenated oils that normally remain in the solid state get liquefied at human body temperature.

All these properties maximize the shelf life of the hydrogenated oils and thus, these are widely used in varied food items like snacks, bakery products, sweets, etc. 

Basically, all oils have both unsaturated as well as saturated fatty acids. 

By adding hydrogen, unsaturated fats get converted to saturated fats, decreasing the overall iodine value. 

Finally, the hydrogenated oil gets solidified at a lower temperature. 

The entire process of hydrogenation is carried out in batch vessels under pressure, in which, oil to be hydrogenated is heated. 

The entire hydrogenation process is done in the presence of nickel catalyst. 

Post hydrogenation, the catalyst is recovered for re- use through the filtration of hydrogenated oil in plate and frame filter presses. 

The hydrogenation process ensures no loss of oil, as the hydrogen added makes up the oil loss that goes with the catalyst.
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